For Alabama residents please contact Brooklere Pharmacy in Adamsville, Alabama.       IMPORTANT FOR ALL WE SERVE IN ALABAMA. The Adamsville location will serve solely for the hub to contact, to have your files and to assure a smooth transition during this challenging time for everyone. YOU WILL NOT BE expected to travel to Adamsville. Their professional staff will assist you if it is more convenient to receive at one of their other locations including South of Birmingham.  Adamsville will have all of the original files and will be able to assist in assuring you receive your medication in a timely manner. This multi-generation family independent pharmacy has several locations to accommodate those patients closer to Medaus facility. More information concerning the injustices which Medaus has never hesitated placing ourselves in harms way to assure you have the RIGHT TO HEALTHCARE YOUR DOCTOR CHOICES AND DEEMS APPROPRIATE. More detailed information will also be posted as soon as we receive concerning more thorough contact information. Please email if you have specific questions and or concerns. I will do my best to answer each and every email because your health, your rights, OUR RIGHTS MUST BE PROTECTED. INJUSTICE ANYWHERE TO ANYONE IS A THREAT TO JUSTICE EVERYWHERE AND EVERYONE…

Steven Russel
CEO, Medaus Pharmacy

Patients and Practitioners - these pharmacies are setup to continue to support your needs.


University Compounding Pharmacy

(619) 683-2005

UCP is in SanDiego, CA and has been a trusted colleague of Medaus for nearly 20 years

Brooklere Pharmacy

(205) 674-1400